2020 China (Qingdao) International Textiles, Accessories and Yarn Exhibition

2020-02-07 13:49:50 798

Smart textile, brand exhibition

The CSITE2020 Shandong Textile Expo and the China (Qingdao) International Fabrics, Accessories and Yarn Exhibition are held on the premise of integrating the development trend of the industry. We invite famous enterprises in the flour and accessories industry to gather together to showcase the latest patterns, designs, concepts, Style, etc. while focusing on the invitation of downstream buyers of the brand to help the company develop rapidly.

Invited brands, visit and purchase

Qingdao Textile Union Group, Xinhua Brocade, Qili, Jifa, Barong, Xintian, Double Star, Vosges, Ruyi, Zhenqing, Xueda, Yulia, Lanfeng Knitting, Red Collar, Dongsheng Carpet, Hongfang, Xuechi, Dayu, Shulan, Minglu, Bigg, Lihua, Benya and other leading enterprises and major customers visited and purchased.

exhibition criteria

Function/Sportswear fabrics, casual wear fabrics, underwear, swimwear fabrics, fashion women's clothing fabrics, dress fabrics, denim fabrics, shirt fabrics, accessories, home textile fabrics, yarns, etc.

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